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What does lossless audio mean?

Streaming music requires the transfer of large amounts of data. With the usual streaming methods, these are reduced in size by omitting “inaudible” components of the audio files. The sound quality Hi-Res Audio, on the other hand, uses a different method of compression in which the audio signal is transmitted without loss. You can now use your app settings to select the sound quality in which you would like to hear the Berliner Philharmoniker.

Currently, if your device supports this sound quality, you can listen to all content from the Digital Concert Hall archive in Hi-Res Audio.

Our audio qualities in comparison:

Standard Stereo 48 kHz · 320 kbit/s · AAC
Hi-Res Stereo 48 kHz / 48 kHz 24-bit · 1.400 kbit/s · FLAC (equivalent to 2.304 kbit/s PCM)

At a later date, the live broadcasts from the Philharmonie Berlin will also be broadcast in Hi-Res Audio.