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Notes on verification processes for credit card payments

How does 3D Secure authentication work for credit card payments?

You can pay for your tickets to the Digital Concert Hall online with your credit card. To increase the security of electronic payments, an additional procedure has been introduced by credit card providers as part of an EU directive. This procedure is commonly referred to as 3D Secure.

For the purpose of authentication, as soon as you confirm the payment with your credit card, a window of your payment institution opens automatically. You will be asked to confirm your identity. Depending on the credit card provider, the process is called Verified by Visa, Mastercard Identity Check or American Express SafeKey. The respective identity verification processes vary, as they are determined by your credit institution. In most cases, authentication involves entering a password or TAN number, which you receive via a separate device such as your smartphone.

What can I do if I have problems when trying to pay by credit card?

If your payment by credit card fails, we would first ask you to find out from your credit card issuer whether your credit card is activated for 3D Secure. Make sure that your personal details with your bank are up to date, including your email address and telephone number. If you use an app for online banking, it is best to use the latest version.

Furthermore, please check in your browser settings whether the pop-up blocker is deactivated. It has to be deactivated in order for the necessary authentication dialogue box to open. Alternatively, try to make the purchase using another browser.

Special characters in address fields can also hinder payment by credit card. Please make sure that your details here consist exclusively of Latin letters and numbers.

PayPal is available as an alternative and equally secure payment method for our tickets (with the exception of subscriptions).