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Can I also watch concerts offline?

The Digital Concert Hall app for iOS and Android devices offers an offline mode that allows video content to be cached on the device. Offline mode allows you to use the Digital Concert Hall without an internet connection – e.g. on holiday, while travelling or when the internet connection is poor.

The video content can be saved in HD or SD, depending on the preference set. The HD format requires longer storage or loading times and takes up more space on your device. The SD format loads faster and saves storage space, but the picture quality is lower. Furthermore, the iOS apps offer you the option of choosing between Hi-Res Audio and Standard Audio sound quality.

Saved video content cannot and may not be reproduced and is only playable for as long as your ticket or subscription is valid. If your ticket or subscription ends, the video content remains on your device but cannot be played again until you have purchased a new paid access.

Offline video content can also be played on your TV using the AirPlay function.